Eccentric Screw (Progressive Cavity) Pumps Purpose



Eccentric screw (progressive cavity, helical) pumps are used for transfer of various materials in numerous branches of industry, such as:

Processing of Fruits and Vegetables
Fresh fruits with or without pits (plums, cherries, sour cherries, apples, quince, etc.), grapes with stems, fruit mashes, juices and jams.

Processing of Paper and Cellulose
Solution of wood pulp, color, glue, lime milk, and waste waters.

Processing of Sugar
Treacle, sediment of water for rinsing, non-diluted sediment of Calcium Carbonate, etc.

Processing of Starch
Starch milk, thick sediment of water for rinsing.

Processing of Milk
Yogurt, soft cheese, melted cheese, cream and milk.

Processing of Vine
Grapes with stems, husks, sediment.

Confectionery Production
Glucose, honey, dough, chocolate mass, marzipan, marmalade, filling for waffle and candies.

Raw materials for soap, soap fats, creams, toothpastes, raw materials for detergents.

Production of Colors and Lacquer
Reparation adhesive putty, printing colors, dispersion colors, connective materials.

Chemica Industry
Acids, bases, salts, filter sediments, synthetic fibers, viscous masses.

Waste Waters
Decomposed and active mud, unprocessed waste waters.

Ceramics Industry
Chamotte, enamels, porcelain mud.





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