Description of the Pump



Eccentric screw (progressive cavity) pump belongs to the class of the most simple pump constructions, which transport continually material from the suction to the discharge port. The flow is proportional to the number of pump rotations. With the simple change of the number of rotations of the pump drive section, the flow of the material is also changed (m3/h). This feature of eccentric screw (progressive cavity) pumps is important when using eccentric screw (progressive cavity) pumps as dosing pumps.

Eccentric screw (progressive cavity) pump has the electric motor drive (hydro or pneumatic drive is used as well) which drives the pump through the reductor and elastic connective part or directly. When the continual change of the flow is needed, variator is used.

Metal components of the pump which come into contact with the material being transferred, are made of various types of steel and alloys, frequently of stainless steel. The rotor of the pump is made of specially formulated stainless steel (chromium-nickel steel procrones), tempered steel, polyurethane, polyamides, etc. The stator is made of various types of rubber NR (natural), SBR (styrene butadiene), CR (polychloropren, neoprene), NBR (perbunane), EPDM (ethylene propylene), hypalon, MVQ (silicone),HNBR, polyurethane, FQM-FPM (Fluor, Viton), etc. Type of the material depends on the king of the material being transferred.

Eccentric screw (progressive cavity) pumps can handle all kinds of materials with low or high viscosity, including extremely viscous-pasty materials. Transferred materials may contain solid or fibrous particles. When it is needed to avoid crushing of the solid particles, exclusively eccentric screw (progressive cavity) pumps are used.



Main Characteristics of the Eccentric Screw (Progressive Cavity) Pumps

- Sef-priming up to 8m,

- It is used for all materials containing solid or fibrous particles that can be transported through the pipes whose dynamic viscosity is 0.001-0.8 Ns/m2 (up to 1 Mio Centipoase),

- Transfer of materials is characterized by minimal pulsation,

- Absence of vents eliminates reducing influence of the pump,

- Reversible transfer is possible,

- Capacity depends on number of rotations,

- The pump achieves the pressure up to 72 bar,

- They are made of all compatible materials (the above mentioned materials),

- The pumps can be heated or cooled.



Description of the Pump





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